Selling Your Home

Have the kids gone off to college? Did you get that promotion in a new city? Is your home becoming too small for your growing family? Whatever the reason as some point it will come time to sell your home.

For many of us our home represents our largest investment, both financially and emotionally. So when you do decide that you want to sell it is important to sit down and have a plan. The tips I have provided you below will take you through the various stages of the home selling process and I hope that they will make the decision and process easier for you.

Photo of a home living room with grey couches and blue accent pillows.
Selling Decision
  • Why are you selling your home?... Do you need to move out of the area? Is your home too large or too small for you? What is your timeline? Are you selling on behalf of an estate?  Selling your home will have an impact on your lifestyle, family, and financing. If I can properly understand your goals and motivations I will be able to determine the most appropriate options for you. Whether that is selling the home, possibly renovating your home instead, or renting your home.
  • Should you rent it out? ... In some markets it might not be an optimal time to sell your home, so one option might be to rent out your home instead of selling it. This is not a decision to take lightly. There is a lot of work involved in renting out your home: advertising, hiring a property manager, screening tenants, collecting rents, dealing with delinquencies, ensuring the home is adequately insured and maintaining the entire property are just  a few items to address when becoming a landlord. In addition, do you have the finances to buy a new home without selling your existing home? If so then this might be a good choice for you and I can help you to make this decision by providing you information on the rental market in our area.
  • When should I sell?... If you have some flexibility then you can time the listing of your home in order to get top dollar. Typically San Diego's  housing market is hottest in spring to early summer, but this is not the only consideration. If there are a large number of homes for sale in your area you might want to wait until the inventory goes down. It's possible that the less competition you face, the quicker your home will sell. Once we meet we can go over a plan and determine the most favorable time to for you to list your home. In addition, during the selling process I will keep you informed of market conditions, competing properties, and many other factors that go into the marketing of your home.
  • Examine the Market... Working with an agent who knows the market and has close connections with other local real estate agents is vital if you are selling your home. Pricing your home too high could result in your home sitting while others are selling, while pricing it too low will leave money on the table. With my connections in the local real estate market I have a good pulse on what sells in the region, for how much, and what else will be coming on the market in the coming weeks. I will keep you informed through the sales process of the competition, how your home is being marketing, and advice on how we can make your home stand out.
  • Optimize my Finances... Once you sell your home, what implications will it have on your finances? Do you have enough equity to use it as a down payment on a new home? Will it have tax implications? Having been through this before I can give you advice on what you can expect from the sale of your home so you can properly plan for life after the sale. I also advise that you speak with your tax advisor or financial planner to help you factor in effective tax savings and estate planning strategies.


Keep in mind that this could be one of your largest financial transactions. So if you have any questions on timing, the market, or anything real estate related please let me know and I would be more than happy to provide you with personalized advice.

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Accepting an Offer
Buying a New Home
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